Custom-Made Bracing

At DUNDAS 427 PHYSIOTHERAPY, our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced to fit in Custom-Made Bracing for your joint injuries or post operation needs. Using specialized gear, our therapists take precise measurements of the limb for a perfect fit.

Custom-made braces are designed to solve your joint & muscles problem. The braces are made using composite materials that allow them to be supportive, lightweight, and functional enough to allow you to get on with your daily activities. Our custom braces are made based on an assessment report and the patients’ needs.

At our Mississauga clinic, we boast of a team of certified therapists with years of experience in fitting custom-made bracing. Our clientele is comprised of professional athletes and pre/post-surgery patients. Our therapists are also experts in injury and recovery process and therefore clearly understand your problems and the need for a fitting custom-made bracing to aid in the healing process. At DUNDAS 427 PHYSIOTHERAPY, we ensure that every brace is designed to serve your needs without any discomfort. Should you experience any concerns with the fit or have questions regarding its proper use, contact our team anytime for solutions.

We understand the urgency to get back on your feet. With our custom-bracing services, you enjoy valuable and effective component of your rehabilitation plan from the injury. Our custom bracing experts will recommend a suitable bracing after an injury or a surgical procedure to speed up the healing process and restore your normal performance functionality. Orthopaedic braces are also commonly used to boost function and motion in people ailing with arthritis.

Regardless of your requirements, our custom bracing experts will provide a suitable brace to suit your needs. Our custom bracing services are not only limited to high-performance athletes. At DUNDAS427 PHYSIOTHERAPY, our doors are open for everyone including accident victims, injuries, and a vast range of disorders involving the musculoskeletal system.

Call us today to make an appointment for custom-made bracing!