• Dundas 427 Physiotherapy

Did you know that the leg strength and leg health are one of the strongest predictors of longevity?

To stay healthy we need to keep moving, and to keep moving, we need strong and healthy legs.

Here are 7 Tips from our experts for good-looking and healthy legs.

If you need to treat varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, foot pain and knee arthritis, we can help! Call us now: ☎️647-812-3885, 647-293-4499.

  • Dundas 427 Physiotherapy

✈️ To stay active and pain-free when traveling, get the best advice and your custom created exercises from our Physiotherapy Experts now: ☎️ 647.293.4499.

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  • Dundas 427 Physiotherapy

Do you have a back, hip, knee or foot pain...the problem might be in your feet.

We make CUSTOM ORTHOTICS designed to correct your specific foot imbalance by re-aligning the foot and ankle into the most efficient anatomic position, and thus to reduce the stress and strain on your body.

Wear your Custom Orthotics while working, playing your favorite sports, or having a blast at a party.

Let’s Feel Fantastic!

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