Poor Posture and Body Aches

Posture which positions our spine in an unnatural position emphasizing its curves is determined as POOR POSTURE. Poor posture can be developed over the years due to medical conditions, bad habits, sedentary life or just laziness.

Poor posture can contribute to very serious health problems:

1. Headaches which originate in the neck and radiate up are often caused by forward head posture, which creates additional stress on the joints and muscles in the upper neck

2. Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain

3. Lower self-confidence, stiffness, increased fatigue, and bad sleep due to pain and alignment changes

4. Digestion problems due to the organs in the abdomen being compressed

5. Blood clots as a result from poor circulation

6. Difficulties breathing, depression and fear. Slouching and rounding your shoulders and leaning over squeezes your lungs. That means less oxygen and less energy.

7. Hip, knee and ankle pain caused by muscle imbalances placing strain on lower back, hips, knees, even feet

8. Nerve compression, Sciatica

9. Carpal tunnel syndrome

10. Pelvic pain, urine incontinence, constipation, etc. due to abnormal pelvic tilting and spinal curves. If poor posture is left untreated, it will lead to joint and disc degeneration resulting in disc disease, osteoarthritis and pain, and suffering.

The longer a bad posture is tolerated, the longer it will take to correct it. Consult one of our experts at Dundas 427 Physiotherapy for a professional check-up and personalized treatment. When it comes to posture, no one is better qualified than a physiotherapist to help you. We teach you the right therapeutic exercises to help you correct the poor posture and thus to heal from the pain. We might also recommend an assistive device-belt, back brace, kinesio tape if needed.

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